Layla Kayleigh Makes WPT TV Debut this March, Travel Channel Says WPT Like Crack

Layla Kayleigh is the host of the World Poker Tour on GSNAlmost a year after it was announced that she was replacing one-season host Sabina Gadecki, Layla Kayleigh–who currently reigns as the number one searched girl on this site because she has a smoking hot body and a really pretty smile, and eyes too…they’re really pretty–will finally make her World Poker Tour television debut on March 24, when the sixth season of the pioneering poker show premieres on its new network, GSN. A total of 23 two-hour episodes will air on Monday nights at 9 pm.

This is the first season the WPT will be seen on the gaming-geared network after five seasons on the Travel Channel.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have GSN as our partner and the new home of WPT,” said WPTE’s Steve Lipscomb.

You know who also couldn’t be more thrilled? Pat Younge, the president of the Travel Channel, who apparently is pigs-on-shit happy to get rid of the WPT even though it was a ratings monster for the network.

“We needed it like a junkie needs crack,” Younge said recently about the WPT.

“That was the downside of the World Poker Tour … it did bring us a rating number, but it so damaged the brand in the eyes of the traveling community that it impacted our ability to monetize it somewhere else,” said Younge. “We are a travel play.”

Which totally explains why the network seems to be dominated by foodie type shows now like No Reservations and Bizarre Foods.

Anyway, Layla Kayleigh is fun to look at. Do some of that below and here, here here and here.

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