Layla Kayleigh Outtakes from WPT Season VI (Might Offend the Easily Offended)

Remember Shana Hiatt‘s goofy outtakes from when she was on the World Poker Tour? Sticking her tongue out, crossing her eyes or doing the do-see-do after she flubbed a line.

So darn cute. So hot.

Well, with new hostess Layla Kayleigh making her WPT television debut on GSN in just two weeks (March 24 @ 9pm), a couple of videos have been posted on YouTube showing a selection of bloopers from the British hottie’s Season VI tapings.

The one below is our favorite because it has Layla Kayleigh joking around about having a Bindi dot on her forehead and talking with an Indian accent (about 46 seconds in).

Kind of reminds us when another British hottie Danielle Lloyd mimicked Bollywood-er Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother. People just loved that stuff.

Click here for another video of Layla outtakes plus Shana Hiatt‘s bloopers reel.

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Watch Shana Hiatt’s bloop reel here


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