Layla Kayleigh Brings You Today’s Poker News Link Dump

There's something about hot girls standing in front of their native flags that's really hot.

Catching up on some poker (and other) news from around the world this week…

:: Is isuldur1 playing on Betfair now? [link]

:: One of isildur1’s nemesiseses, Brian Townsend, just gave a big chunk of his isildur1 winnings back. [link]

:: In other semi-related isildur1 nemesiseses news, it’s almost been a year since the “durrrr challenge” has begun, and the aforementioned durrrr now has over a $1M lead over Patrik Antonius. [link]

:: The iPad sucks. [link]

:: 9/11 conspiracist/rapper Jeff Madsen leads after Day 2 of the Borgata Poker Open. [link]

:: It’s about time for the Academy Awards for Guys. [link]

:: Barack Obama needs to lay the fuck off of Vegas already. [link]

:: A list of who’s up and who’s down the most in online poker in 2010 (scroll to bottom). [link]

:: And finally, has anyone associated with poker moved into the mainstream better than Layla Kayleigh? [link]


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