Layne Flack on His DUI Arrest

Trust us the last thing we want to do is keep posting images of Layne Flack's toothy mug on this site, but hey, the guy is in the news lately.

Amanda Leatherman got a hold of him at the WPT Bay 101 to ask Layne about his DUI. Leatherman seems like she can barely take the words [that somehow escape his teeth] coming out of his mouth seriously as Flack says he'll "always refuse a breathalyzer test" (so this is something he's done before?) and that he eventually blew a 0.0 a few hours later. 

Last thing we'll ever do is knock a guy who loves life, but after a stint in rehab and a DUI arrest, you'd think he'd take this shit a little more seriously. Oddly and in a weird way though we kind of like his I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude, actually. Maybe Flack is related to Jeffrey Skilling or something.

In somewhat related news, at post time the awesomely named Lars Long leads Day 1B at Bay 101. Chip counts here.


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  1. Johnny

    March 18, 2009 10:36 pm, Reply

    She is very professional. See how still and unbothered she made herself appear as Captain Haymuncher yawned and moved his arm around her. What’s next Layne? The hole in the bottom of your popcorn bucket?
    I bet he drives an automatic Vette, too. Pussy.

  2. lido

    March 19, 2009 4:33 pm, Reply

    i kind of have a little more respect for the guy now. unfortunately his attitude will likely result in either his or someone elses death.

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