Layne Flack Talks About the Russ Hamilton Ambush Video


Meant to post this last week but sometime a little thing called a weekend meth bender "life" gets in the way.

Layne Flack was a guest on Gary Wise's Rounders Radio podcast where he spoke on the Russ Hamilton ambush video for the first time.

About halfway through the interview, Gary describes how "very rudely" intruded on Layne and Russ' "private time" (because, you know, allegedly stealing at least $6 million from your friends and then going AWOL isn't even remotely rude). Layne says that when he saw the cameras, he "knew that wasn't a spot for me to be in."

Layne also said that he knows "for a fact that Russ Hamilton's lawyer said 'don't say a word.'"

Now the one thing we always felt Layne was unfairly skewered for in that video was that he may have just been golfing with Russ because he's a gambler and saw an edge he could exploit. Makes sense. Pretty common. Layne says that that's a "fair" assessment of why he was with Russ that day. Not that we were expecting him to say something else though.

But then Layne completely discredits himself by saying, "If [Russ] took all of this money…how can one man do this without being caught?" to which Gary said, "That totally makes sense."

Yeah, kind of hard to believe how Russ could get away with something like that with a company that he started and was integral in developing the software for…inconceivable.

Listen to the full interview here.


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  1. Bill Rini

    March 17, 2009 3:27 pm, Reply

    “If [Russ] took all of this money…how can one man do this without being caught?”
    Did anybody bother to point out that he did get caught?
    That’s the whole freakin point.
    How could Madoff steal all of that money without getting caught? I mean, come on, just because all that money you invested with him no longer exists doesn’t mean he stole it because . . . he would have got caught.

  2. Larry Flynt

    March 17, 2009 6:47 pm, Reply

    You have to be impressed with Gary Wise’s ability to ask the question and stroke Layne’s cock at the same time.
    All Wise does is kiss the ass of players, nothing more. Wonder which job he’ll get fired from this year?

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