Lee Markholt Wins WPT World Poker Challenge, No Longer Confused with Lee Watkinson

Lee_markholt1For years, Lee Markholt lived in the shadows of Lee Watkinson.

They kind of look the same. They’re both from Washington. They’re both named "Lee."

But the attention (or lack there of) Markholt received was nowhere near the not-that-much-attention-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things that Watkinson received.

This, even though Markholt had a very respectable $1.4M in career tournament earnings.

It was all about Lee Watkinson in the Lee_watkinson1_2battle of shaven-headed Washingtonian "Lee’s."

And this drove Markholt to the edge of insanity.*

Nightly, Markholt would wake up after having nightmares: "Lee Watkinson made the 2007 WSOP Main Event final table. Lee Watkinson has gotten serious face-time on WPT and WSOP broadcasts. Lee Watkinson wears a hoodie…"

It was almost too much for Markholt to take. He weighed his options. "What if I bought a hoodie, kidnapped Watkinson, and assumed his identity. Al Krux did it to Jason Lester. Maybe I can do it too. Heck, even Poker Pages already has us listed as the same guy. This plan is so crazy it just might work." Markholt thought.

Eventually, Markholt settled on making himself known by winning the WPT World Poker Challenge. Which he did.

Get full results and payouts here.

* Remainder of the post after the asterisk was completely fabricated. Except the part about winning the WPT World Poker Challenge. That’s true.

** Images from Poker Pages.


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