Leilani Dowding Was Here at the 2008 WSOP

Top dropper Leilani Dowding played poker at the 2008 WSOP

Remember our photo of the Perfect 10 girl who we said was an 8 (we were high at the time) from the Ladies Event at the 2008 WSOP? Probably not. She kind of blended in with the other 15 girls in the post that day.

Well, somehow we failed to make the connection then, but the girl is famous British top dropper Leilani Dowding.

If you’re not familiar with Dowding, she’s a former Miss Great Britain who went topless for Page 3 just like every other self-respecting hot British girl with a smoking hot body has done, then dated a bunch of soccer players (ditto) and has done the celeb-reality TV circuit (ditto again). She’s now living in the U.S. and is engaged to some old dude who owns a famous pizza joint and was once married to the world’s hottest GILF Raquel Welch.

Word we got from a friend is that the superbly hot, all natural Leilani Dowding is coming back to Vegas for the 2008 WSOP Main Event (not playing though), along with another famous British top dropper who we’ll announce here soon. For now, click away below for some of her more modest photos, and for some NSFW pics go here, here, and here.

Click the thumbnails for larger images or visit the Leilani Dowding photo gallery:


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