Let’s Still Not Forget About the WPT Bellagio Cup IV

WptlogoNot to sound all Card Playery, but "as the field size whittles in the Rio Amazon room at the 2008 WSOP Main Event, things are heating up down the street for the WPT Bellagio Cup IV."

Now we don’t read Card Player except when we’re punishing ourselves or are trying to go to sleep, but we’re pretty sure that’s exactly how they started (or considered starting) a summary of the WPT Bellagio Cup IV.

In all, 133 players signed up for Day 1B. Hevad Khan ended the day as big stack with 157,575. We’re beginning to think that Khan is for real. Check his stats from this year. Dude is cashing like his name is Michael Binger.

Some other notable big name big stacks include Gavin Smith (117,125), Daniel Alaei (104,600), and half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (98,700).

For a nearly perfect summary of the day’s action, go here. For chip counts, go here.


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  1. Mr. Card Player

    July 13, 2008 12:27 pm, Reply

    HAHA. That’s not how my recaps sounded at all. But I will try to throw in a fast and furious comment in tomorrow’s when the blinds go up.

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