Leyser’s Shyster Slams Gold’s Shyster, Calls Gold’s Claim Absurd, Says Helps Case…Oh and Doogie Is Gay and Scarlett May Have a Sex Tape

ScarlettjohnassonIn an article in today’s Las Vegas Sun, Crispin Leyser’s attorney, Richard Schonfeld, called Gold’s position that his promise was an unenforceable gift “absurd.” Schonfeld goes on to say that the fact that Gold admitted to the promise (something he pretty much had to do considering the voicemail) helps Leyser’s claim to the $6 million.

“We’re glad they finally took a position,” Schonfeld told the Sun‘s Liz Benston in an interview. “Even though we were extremely confident in our case, we are more confident now that we will prevail.”

Read the complete article here.

In related news, poker blogger Drizztdj points out that Doogie Howser is gay. Asked to respond on the Crispin Leyser-Doogie Howser news, Wicked Chops Poker said, “Sorry we’re taking the week off. We need to rest up after hearing that Scarlett Johannson may have a sex tape.”

IMPORTANT UPDATE: One more photo of Scarlett Johannson after the jump. Think Keeley Hazell meets 1970s Green Bay fan/college girl. Actually, don’t think and just go to the next page.

Read/see more of Scarlett over at WWTDD.com



15 Responses

  1. idiots

    November 7, 2006 5:18 pm, Reply

    Maybe you should start posting some UNBIASED opinions about this story. Anyone in poker knows Jamie Gold is full of shit and is reneging on his shitty word. Oh yeah forgot, aren’t you guys backed somewhat by bodog? Those guys are scumbags too. Anyways get a life and maybe you should research what are the facts in the case rather than heresay. I know much more about what is going on.

  2. yo

    November 7, 2006 5:46 pm, Reply

    uh, isn’t the post above just them repeating what Leyser’s lawyer said along with some pretty pics of Scarlet? have you ever read what these guys have to say about Jamie Gold and this lawsuit? do some reading fool. they certainly don’t like either guys.

  3. snake

    November 7, 2006 8:27 pm, Reply

    Ah Mr. Idiots, you are angry with us. That makes me sad. You know though, we get far more angry mail from Jamie Gold’s friends than Leyser’s so obviously you’re missing something here. As far as Bodog backing this site, that’s news to us…and to think I thought we’ve been writing whatever the hell we wanted to write. But if you’re looking for blogs backed by poker sites there’s plenty out there for you to read.

  4. idiots

    November 8, 2006 7:55 am, Reply

    Me again. The truth is a LOT of shit that happened in regards to this entire lawsuit has not been made public. I’m very close to someone involved with the entire lawsuit and who has been publicly defamed for his role in the entire affair. Much of what was said about him is simply not true. Considering I was there with him when things unfolded. From what I’ve read on this site it seems to be very much on the side of Jamie Gold (I’ve read just about every article written about the lawsuit) I just think Jamie Gold is a chump. Lots of players make deals like this every day, even though Jamie is so full of himself (calling himself possibly the greatest tournament player in history- like who refers to themselves like that?) a deal is a deal. This all gives a bad name to poker and publicizes the poker world in a negative light. It makes me pissed when people defame people I care about and the game itself. Anyways, off to Foxwoods now.

  5. snake

    November 8, 2006 8:09 am, Reply

    ok, thought that was you Ms. Idiots. Thanks for stopping by. We hear what you’re saying and appreciate you revealing your bias. We’ll see how this all pans out and in the meantime we’ll continue to get out the news about this case, either way, and say what we’re thinking at any given time with the freedom to change our minds on a moment’s notice because we’re wishy washy like that.

  6. Kid Dynamite

    November 8, 2006 3:57 pm, Reply

    fuck you too snake, you cocksucker.
    p.s. – Vegas trip likely Dec 8th weekend… hopefully i’ll finally meet Chops & whatever other WCP entities are out there…

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