Libertarian Poker Night with Jesus and Bloch this April Fools’ Day

Chris Jesus Ferguson and Andy Bloch guests at Poker NightThe freedom-loving, free-thinking, free market-ers over at are hosting a “poker night” on Tuesday, April 1 with special guests Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Andy Bloch. The evening will include some card playing and an open discussion on politics and poker moderated by the well-reasoned online poker advocate and CATO-er Radley Balko.

Says the site:

“On Tuesday, April 1, please join the staff of reason at our D.C. offices for a short panel discussion about the great American game of poker. What’s behind its massive recent surge in popularity? Why did Congress ban online poker? Why are local governments sending in SWAT teams to bust up private games?

After a discussion and audience Q&A moderated by reason Senior Editor Radley Balko, we’ll shuffle up and deal specially embossed free reason playing cards. Drinks, light snacks and poker paraphernalia provided.”

A poker night in DC held on April 1st with famous poker players and a bunch of UIGEA-opposing Libertarians? We smell an April Fools’ Day hoax coming saying the event got raided. Or maybe we’ll start it ourselves. And if we do, hopefully you’ll forget we just said that.

For more about the event go here.

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