LifeLock Will Protect Your Identity and Stuff

If you’re like the Entities, you’ve probably gone through your neighbor’s trash trying to find SSNs and other checking and credit card info so you could steal their indentity and buy new entertainment systems and fine dinners and super high-end call girls been the victim (or an attempted victim) of identity theft. Or you’ve at least been concerned about it. Or saw a story on the news about it once. Or possibly got a fake ID when you were 19. And then bought beer for all your friends. Who then had a party. Where you then had a threesome with two hottie little sorority girls.

Wait where were we?

Oh yeah, threesomes. No, wait, identity theft. That’s right.

Enter LifeLock.

You’ve likely seen/heard the commercial by now with the kind of douchy guy who gives out his SSN on air because he’s so confident in the identity theft prevention company he’s started that you won’t be able to swipe his crucial personal info. Well that’s LifeLock.

If you’re playing online poker and have your info floating out through various online accounts, you’re probably a high risk of identity theft target.* LifeLock takes a number of steps to ensure your crucial credit/debit information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Pretty inexpensive all things considered too.

Click the graphic below to enroll or just join this LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention Plan.

* The Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker are not doctors and cannot medically verify these claims.


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