Like Poker, Rap is a Fad But Poker Rap . . . Now That Has Staying Power

Ok, so we’re going to post the “All In” rap video that Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Layne Flack filmed at the Rio during the WSOP this summer, and if you haven’t seen it, you’re going to watch it and say, “Oh no, is Johnny Chan really lip-synching rap lyrics while bobbing his head up and down at the table worse than an Iraqi kid doing 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ on the streets of Baghdad?” Or maybe not exactly that but the feeling you’ll get is kind of like when you saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar doing a cameo on Diff’rent Strokes and you’d say “Oh no, is he really trying to act?” And you were like only in 1st grade and still knew it was a bad idea. A really bad idea.

As a suggestion, we think your time would be better served googling and youtube-ing Korean hottie Hyori Lee than watching the Hellmuth, Chan and Flack “All In” rap video. But what do we know.

Thanks to our favorite PokerListings-er Owen Laukkanen for the heads-up on the video.


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