Lily Kiletto Does Not Win WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open

Lily Kiletto rose from short-stack to second at the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open.

How many times have we said this…so close…yet dare we say…so far?

Lily Kiletto, a woman, did not win the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open. But if she was playing horseshoes or hand-grenades so did fucking great, working her short-stack all the way up to second place.

For the second place finish, Kiletto earns $191,880. However, for women, Kiletto makes it 0-for-47,998 in WPT open events.

Kiletto was defeated by the less amply breasted Chris Porter Matt Giannetti. This makes two WPT titles for Giannetti, as he banked $323,804 for the win.

Weeds producer Matt Salsberg finished sixth for $50,968.

Get full TV final table results and payouts here.


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