Liv Boeree in Loaded Magazine is the Friday Night Parting Shot

Liv Boeree is smoking hot in the Nov. issue of Loaded magazine. Get it? She’s smoking for real, and she’s hot. She even has flames on her too, and well flames are hot. It’s a play on words. Why do we need to explain this to you? Are you stupid?

British badass poker hottie Liv Boeree may never win a major poker tournament, earn millions of dollars in winnings or gain the respect of her peers for superior play at the poker table*, but there’s no question that she is unequivocally the most accomplished woman poker player in the world right now, and it’s all thanks to her outrageously hot 3-page photo spread in the November issue of Loaded Magazine.

Yep, you don’t need to win tournaments to gain our respect girls. Actually, as Annette Obrestad proved, women winning stuff just scares the bajeezus out of us. No, to impress us, all you have to do is just get sort of close to naked, pose all hot and smile for the camera. We’re simple like that.

Click away at the thumbnails below.

* Liv does have some serious wicked poker chops at the table. She cashed twice at the 2008 WSOP and won the 2008 European Ladies Championship all while looking super hot like this.

H/t to reader Brian for the photos.


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  1. Tony

    October 12, 2008 6:25 am, Reply

    ….cue the sound of crickets. (No one obviously gives a damn about another fugly loser using poker as a stepping stone to a modelling/acting/porn career.)

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