Liv Boeree Is Single?

Liv Boiree is quickly turning into one of our favorite poker players. She's smoking hot. She's smart. She pounds beers. She's got that accent. Fuck, she could be a renown ax murderer and we'd be like, "Well, you know, she IS  smoking hot, and smart, and she pounds beers, and damn she has that accent too…Ok so yeah she may decapitate me with an ax but let's roll the dice and see where this one leads…"

Add to that list of pluses that she's also single (or at least she does not mention having a boyfriend in the below vid). So apparently we were wrong. She is not dating Jon Friedberg. To his credit, Friedberg is at least a good sport about it, giving her a lapdance to start the vid off. If we were him, we'd be posting fake Facebook status updates like, "Going to Target with Liv," or "All day Kate Hudson moviefest with Liv, OMG How To Lost A Guy in 10 Days is so LOL!" just to keep the myth going. Like Constanza in that Seinfeld episode, once you date a girl like Liv, you're pretty much "in the club." No less than 10's for him from here on out.


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