Looking for Good NLH Advice?

Hey, we all need to get better.  Here’s some different takes on NLH strategy to consider (or re-consider).  Either way, worth the read:

Getting the Most from Your Hand (Double As, July 28) – Double As was chip leader deep into WSOP event #43.  He presents some great perspective on getting value for your hands. 

NLTH Wisdom – Von Sandman has won a handsome bundle of $$$ online and qualified for this year’s WSOP Main Event not once, but twice. He also won the 4th Street Poker Tour game that Wicked Chops participated in–so he’s clearly a force. This is a good primer and reminder on the foundation of solid NLH play.

Empty Seats – A thought-provoking method of dealing with huge tournament fields – Typically Scott Fischman’s poker acumen far exceeds that of his writing.  He manages to make his hand on this one though.

Coming next week we’ll have a piece from Bull, a WCP tournament regular.  He’s a dominant online tournament player and will share some of his tips.  Keep an eye out for it. 


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    August 2, 2005 12:24 am, Reply

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