Louise Cliffe Brings You This Weekend’s Poker News Link Dump

Whatever they put in the water in the U.K. to create this many hotties, ship it Montreal.

Louise Cliffe is yet another U.K. hottie. The 25 year-old is dubbed the Kelly Brook of Manchester, the above and below photos of the 25 year-old may not be brand new, but they’re new to us, and she’s smoking, so you’re welcome.


On with some poker news for the weekend…

:: Even more Photoshop genius from the weird Montreal party with Old Bearded Guy. [link]

:: Chili Poker is about to release some cool new features. In related news, Chili Poker still exists. [link]

:: The If A Tree Falls In The Woods But No One Is There to Hear It, Does It Make A Sound (IATFITWBNOITTHI) league scrambles to adjust their tournament schedule. [link]

:: Todd Brunson either really got into a fight with Sean Sheikhan at the Aria poker room and got him arrested or is pulling a very believable April Fool’s prank. [link]

:: The Iowa intrastate poker bill has died. [link]

:: Cops in Chicago under investigation for playing strip poker. Hopefully not just by themselves. [link]

:: It’s official. Darvin Moon is broke. [link]

:: And finally, gotta be excited about Dr. Pauly‘s new book. [link]

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