Louisiana State Legislator Supports Pro-Poker Legislation Out of Spite

We here at Wicked Chops Poker love spite.

So we’re pleased to see a Louisiana House committee quickly passing pro-poker legislation almost purely out of spite.

Blanco2The recipient of this spite is Louisiana Governess Kathleen Blanco (pictured at right, telling us all to "suck it"). The "spiter" is state Rep. Warren Triche. Blanco has been beating her chest (or breast, maybe, in this case), vowing on the opening day of this year’s legislative session to veto any bill that expands gambling.  In response, a house committee has unanimously passed Triche’s legislation (House Bill 1149) that declares that, ‚ÄúTexas Hold ‚ÄòEm‚Äù poker tournaments, popular with some bars, are legal gambling."

Like most states, bars in Louisiana have been running hold’em tournaments, and bar owners are seeing profits spike because of it. But Louisiana law enforcement believes that any profiting off a form of gambling is illegal–although bar owners are not taking a house "rake" from these games.

Sound familiar?

According to the Advocate, "Triche‚Äôs bill would allow the businesses to hold poker tournaments once a week for people at least 21 years old as long as the owner doesn‚Äôt get a part of the proceeds and doesn‚Äôt charge an entrance fee."  Sounds reasonable enough, right?

So here comes a segue for ya…if you think the veto’ing of this bill sounds ridiculous, then why don’t you read our interview with Michael Bolcerek, visit the PPA Web site, and sign up to lend your support to keeping poker legal.  Seriously.  Go do it now. 

Friday Night Parting Shot coming soon…


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