Lucky You Flops Opening Weekend

Luckyyou540In what should come as no surprise to anyone unfortunate enough to have seen a 10-minute preview of it during last year’s WSOP, Lucky You bombed this weekend at the box office, making the headline of this post inevitable.

It’s almost a miracle to only make $2.5M in (studio estimated) ticket sales with a multi-million dollar advertising and marketing campaign, as Lucky You did. That’s only $996 per screen! We could make a movie called Sitting on the Can While Writing This Post, make it last 90 minutes, or in other words, put out a documentary of how and when we typically write our posts, and make more than $2.5M in (estimated) box office receipts. And our little documentary doesn’t even star Drew Barrymore. It’s just starring us taking a crap for 90 minutes!


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  1. ChicagoSlims Krytsal Buger hall of Famer

    May 7, 2007 6:52 pm, Reply

    Hey movie was bad..But I did watch it in dallas with a bag of Krystals snuck into the movie..Also..It was just aboe a total loss since i got to hug her hello at the upfront in Vegas last year..
    So that was a d-
    krystals at movie were an a+
    Drew in Vegas and her sweet smell.. A+
    so overall B

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