Ludmilla Radchenko Dancing at a Strip Club Video Makes for a Good Post

Italian TV girl Ludmilla Radchenko dancing at strip club video
For us Entities, Wicked Chops Poker is as much about learning about this great, big world of ours as it is about talking poker, and one of the great nuggets of wisdom we’ve learned here is that Italian TV is loaded with insanely hot chicks.

Girls like Elisabetta Gregoraci, Melissa Satta, Rosaria Cannavo and Elena Santarelli, to name a few, are basically hired to dance around in various states of next-to-nothing on TV shows (<-- a click that's worth it), and they're proof that men still rule supreme in Italy, and if you're a chick, you're either hot and on TV or you're not and in the kitchen whipping up some pasta and ah meatballs.

The latest Italian TV girl we’ve found is Ludmilla Radchenko, whose first name sounds like something you get from eating bad chicken and her last name gives away the fact that she’s from Russia. Siberia, Russia that is. Go here for Ludmilla’s Wiki bio.

As the headline above promises, Ludmilla somehow through the grace of Zeus danced at an empty strip club in Florida and there’s video evidence of it below complete with a cheesy strip club DJ dude ruining the moment. NSFW-ish we suppose. Clickable photos of Ludmilla in Maxim Italy below the video.

Ludmella strip video on YouTube here.


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