Madeleine, Ivey + Mortensen Out

Madeleinerowan2_1WCP fave Madeleine Rowan has just been eliminated in level two of Day 3.

While we don’t have full details of how her hands went down, The Addict just spoke with Madeleine afterwards in the Full Tilt Poker lounge. Apparently, after busting, the ESPN crew had chased Madeleine into the lounge and was trying to get her to talk on camera about how much it sucks to be busted out, because the ESPN crew likes to annoy players like that. She then approached The Addict to elude the ESPN-ies or whatver we should call a few of those poker-hatin’, union-lovin’, camera and boom mic fellas that like to shove you (i.e. us) aside to get death shots of players going out. Morbid folks, these ESPN-ies are.

Trying to elude ESPN, Madeleine shared with The Addict how she’s bummed out but optimistically said, "There’s always next year." She then left the lounge with the ESPN-ies in tow.

Also eliminated: Phil Ivey and Carlos Mortensen. So now we’re pretty sure Ivey no longer has a chance to win this year and Mortensen won’t capture his second main event title. Pretty sure.

Vaughn Sandman, last we heard, was at 198k.


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