Mama Mia! Dario Alioto Wins £5000 PLO

World Series of Poker EuropeItalian Dario Alioto captured WSOPE Event #2 (£5,000 PLO), banking £234,390, which can probably buy him a lifetime supply of designer scarves like countryman Dario Minieri as well as a few cannolis to boot. By the way, for those of you who don’t speak British and have been wondering what that little symbolly thing next to the big numbers is in our posts this weekend, that’s a "pound" sign. And for those of you not up-to-date on current exchange rates, a pound equals about two U.S. American dollars right now. We’d do the math and calculate what that translates too in U.S. American dollars, but that would require us doing math.

This is Dario’s first major tournament win. He did cash in two WSOP events this summer, including the $10,000 PLO championship.

Istvan Novak of Hungary came in second (£137,280). Tony G finished third (£94,380). Hopefully Card Player doesn’t try to steal this from him too.

Get full payouts and results here.


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