Man Arrested Then Freed in Fatal Robbery at NYC Poker Room

Days after being arrested in connection with the fatal shooting at a Manhattan poker room, William Delvalle, 35, was set free yesterday after a grand jury failed to indict him.

Despite being released without having to post bail, Delvalle still faces second degree murder charges and two counts of robbery.

DesenaAccording to police statements, Delvalle, a career criminal from The Bronx, was one of the three masked men who robbed the underground poker game in Midtown Manhattan 10 days ago and made off with $100,000. During the course of the robbery, one of the gunmen dropped his weapon, which then fired and fatally struck Frank DeSena (at right) in the chest. Delvalle is not believed to be the gunman.

Because all masked men look alike, police have very little to go on besides a single eyewitness.

According to the NY Post, Delvalle served eight years for the 1992 manslaughter killing of a 21-year-old women in the Bronx. His parole from the sentence ended just weeks before the poker game murder and robbery.

Kimberly DeSena, Frank’s widow, is obviously not pleased with Delvalle’s release, telling the NY Post, “I’m not happy . . . I hope this guy doesn’t do something again.” She also said that she does not believe in the death penalty, which officially makes her a better person than us, because we think even the bus driver who didn’t put his left blinker on at the intersection of 10th and Northside this morning should be shot. Asshole.

For more on the story, read the NY Post article here.


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