Man vs. Machine

Grinder_1Lots on bots in the news this week.  Both Wired Magazine and Fox Sports discuss the latest on bot technology (as unveiled at Binion’s last week). 

This raises a more important issue though…which is this…is Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi a bot?  According to his cap, he is "a machine." Next time you’re on Poker Stars and some a$$hole is calling your two-pair down to the river with pocket 2’s and hits a set on 5th street, it could very well be a bot.  Or the Grinder. Because, according to his cap, he is a machine.  This officially bumps Chops and his "Chops here" cap off the top of the "Is he really wearing that cap?" list.

Even more scary, if the Grinder is some sort of hybrid of man and machine, we could all be in trouble.  Judging by his recent tournament results, he very well could be.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid. 


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