Maria Ho Looking Good

Ho Ho Ho.

Remember back in the pre-Black Friday days when online poker sites spent money recklessly and there were hot girl photoshoots released almost every day?

Eff you Black Friday.

Fortunately, FOWCP Maria Ho still occasionally steps in to fill the void. Above is a fantastic pic from a recent shoot.

In related news, China is leading the gold medal count at the 2012 Summer Olympics with 36, and is second in overall medals to the U-S-of-Freaking-A. Poker player/part-time swimmer Michael Phelps earned his record 18th gold medal yesterday as well.


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    Thanks for posting this Julian. I do have a question, from one pastor to another: are you pursuing this as an individual or as a church? If as a church, what ways are you going about encouraging people to be involved? Thanks!Sean

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    Fran, the traditional solution to that is MMP – you have a collection of electorate seats plus a pool of “list seats” that are used to restore proportionality. Germany and NZ make that pool half the MPs (roughly). It means you double the size of an electorate. In the UK this would also be a great opportunity to remove the gerrymandering by imposing a requirement on the electorial coundary setters that electorates have to be within 1% or 2% of the quota.

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