Marisa Miller at Wet Republic Brings You Today’s Poker News Link Dump

Watch FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World Marisa Miller Hosts Wet Republic Las Vegas on

Marisa Miller has been a long-time fave of ours (view here), and she was in Vegas this weekend at Wet Republic in a bikini. Who cares about the rest. On with the poker news…

:: Harrah‘s is dropping some serious coin lobbying for online poker. [link]

:: More 2010 WSOP preview as a group of so-called poker “journalists” discuss things and stuff in the Betfair roundtable. [link]

:: Get your shit together already. [link]

:: Shaun Deeb pulls a Brett Favre, comes out of retirement, then doesn’t pull a Brett Favre and wins a title. [link]

:: At some point Gus Hansen is going to need to stop playing poker on the intertubes… [link]

:: …or he should just take some lessons from Patrik Antonius. [link]


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