Marisa Miller Brings You This Weekend’s Poker News Link Dump

Close enough. Whatever.

Close enough. Whatever.

Ok we tried.

We think it’s perfectly understandable crazy that gingers are getting beat up in U.S. America simply for being a ginger. So to combat that, we were going to show some ginger pride today with our link dump model.

Unfortunately, outside of Gloria Balding, we couldn’t find any hot gingers. We’re open to suggestions. Help us out. However, if Marisa Miller colored her hair red, she would look hot, so that’s kinda close enough.

:: About time, Micon. is finally here! All the old classic NWP threads have survived, let the good times roll again. [link]

:: Getting close to the final table at EPT Prague with a bunch of guys with alien sounding names still in. [link]

:: ESPN‘s Poker names their top 10 current players. No Tuan Lam? Seriously? Immediately discredits the list, ioo. [link]

:: This isuldur1 shit is effing crazy. [link & link]

:: The latest episode of Poker2Nite. [link]

:: The CityCenter is officially open. [link]

:: Another great Phil Ivey of Golf alleged mistress story from Kid Dynamite. [link]

More of Marisa Miller in Access here. Marisa Miller video here.


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  1. Lee

    December 5, 2009 6:46 pm, Reply

    i like the isuldur story. no offense to the guy but i’ve been running bad of late and reading about this always makes me realize how piddly and insignificant my losses are. thanks for cheering me up wc. now go get a better ginger!

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