Marisa Miller Video Makes for a Good Post

Hey did you hear some Israeli guy named Ziv won the Asian Pacific Poker Tour event in Seoul, Korea?

Yeh. Hmmm. Interesting.

All right, below is a video of Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit stunner Marisa Miller doing her Vegas Magazine photo shoot at some beach not in Vegas. Strangely, Marisa is wearing a one-piece bathing suit most of the time. Not sure why. Is their a bikini shortage we didn’t know about? Did we lose a war or something? Couldn’t someone have just given her an iPod to wear? Regardless, Marisa does pull off the one-piece like a frickin’ champ.

Warning, Marisa does talk a few times throughout the interview about something we weren’t really listening to.

Marisa Miller Vegas Magazine Video

Also be sure to check out Denise Pernula‘s night out with comedian Pauly Shore (yeh, he’s not dead) that has her doing his stand-up routine at the Improv in Vegas. It’s proof that a pretty face, nice rack and flat stomach go a long way in front of an audience, especially when you’re telling jokes written by Pauly Shore.

Link to video here or watch it after the jump.


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