Marisa Perez Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is Spanish actress Marisa Perez. She's just 19 but that is in US American years, which translates to like 25 in
Spanish girls years. It's a well known fact that Latin girls mature much
faster than other girls, or at least that's what we told ourselves the last time we went to Spain, and
by "ourselves" we mean "the judge." If you don't know who Perez is it's probably because you don't live in Portugal where she stars in the TV show Morangos com Açúcar, which apparently has received criticism for picking actors based solely on their looks. We think that accusation is grossly unfair and to prove it we offer this dramatic clip of Perez standing against a door in her bikini. We're not sure what Portuguese version of the Emmy's is but this girl deserves one.


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