Mark Seif Rips Jamie Gold

Ms_2If there’s one thing we’ve learned in covering the Crispin Leyser v. Jamie Gold case is that both guys have some seriously loyal friends. People who are sticking by them, through thick and thin, defending them in the media and via emails and phone calls to us, and sometimes with annoying ass comments to our posts that rival some fat ass hoochie momma on Jerry Springer who thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips and we’re just jealous of them.

And we here at Wicked Chops Poker often find ourselves in the middle of all this, as we report on the case and share our instant opinions on both guys, because a number of our friends and acquaintances in poker are among these seriously loyal friends, and when we diss on either, they’re the first to let us know we suck.

Well, one seriously loyal friend of Crispin Leyser, poker pro Mark Seif, who also happens to be a FOWCP and a past WCP Heads-Up interviewee but likely thinks we suck, has just publicly aired his thoughts on Gold and the lawsuit in his first blog for

As we reported more than a month ago, Seif has come out of shyster retirement just to represent Crispin Leyser because, as he says in his blog post, Leyser is a really good friend and because Seif thinks Gold is giving poker and poker players a bad name. [We argue they both are but that’s another post].

Gold is “a lying, conniving and geniunely dishonest person,” says Seif, and “JG is not really a poker player, but most of the public doesn’t know that.”

Seif says further, “After so much positive momentum for poker for a few years now, it saddens and angers me to think that one guy can benefit so hugely from the years of hard work of great poker ambassadors …, but yet, also bring such dishonor to the game.”

Finally regarding Judge Hunts’ dismissal today of Gold’s motion to dissolve the preliminary injunction, Seif remarks, “I can take comfort in the fact that the truth shall prevail in all likelihood in this case, and that my friend Crispin will be vindicated.”

Read the entire post over at, and as we mentioned earlier today, be sure to check out Shark Tank for an analysis of Gold’s recent and revealing deposition testimony and Leyser’s argument filed with the court last Friday. Direct links to his deposition transcripts can be found here and here. Must reads for anyone interested in this case or who can’t find any good soft core porn at the moment.


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  1. Don Sinjakovic

    February 12, 2008 12:28 pm, Reply

    Ya i played at absolute poker. Great site unless win. i won 2000 and they wouldnt pay me since i was in wisconsin real nice there. What a scam you got going there seif an who know’s how many others i just hope they bust you guys for this.

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