Martina Stella is a Hot Girl from Italy Which is in Europe Which is Where the EPT German Open Is Being Led by a Frenchman

Martina Stella is a Hot Italian actress who is not playing the EPT German OpenThe above headline pretty much sums up what we’ve learned during the past 13 and a half minutes on the Internet. Well that and how to survive a freestyle rap battle and that watching some mentally ill pop star lose her shit every single day isn’t as much fun as we thought it would be. Don’t get us wrong, it’s fun, just not as fun as we thought.

Going beyond the headline though, Day 2 is underway at the EPT German Open in Dortmund, Germany, and Daniel Negreanu is among the top ten in chips with 59,900. WSOPE Main Event champion Annette Obrestad, a woman, is not far behind with 50,200.

Leading the field is some French guy named Chabot Cyrille who’s stacked at 111,110, followed by Italian Claudio Rinaldi (71,300).

The rest of the 149 players left on Day 2 consist of people with ridiculous names like Peyman Mohammadzadeh, Jioí Kulhánek, Korosh Mollaie, Szikrai Istvàn, Nazim Kicik, Yngne Anderberg and Jarkko Paasisalo.

We’re guessing Rekop Spohc Dekciw, the legendary Scandinavian tennis player, didn’t play the event.

Finally, Martina Stella, who has nothing to do with the EPT German Open and who has been mentioned on this site briefly before, is a reprehensibly hot Italian actress and model who you may remember from her small role in Ocean’s Twelve. Jog your memory with more photos of Martina Stella plus a video of her dancing on a stage after the jump.

Live updates from the EPT German Open from’s Owen Laukkanen here.

Martina Stella Photo

Martina Stella PhotoMartina Stella Photo

Martina Stella PhotoMartina Stella Photo



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