Meehan on Phan

MeehanfarhaMinneapolis Meehan is on a roll.

After standing up to view Tim Phan’s stack, Minneapolis Meehan told his table, “That Asian kid has a stack larger than a mule’s d!ck!” A few minutes later, he went over to Sammy Farha’s table where Phan is also seat and said “Hey Sammy! Welcome to America!”

They need to move Meehan to the featured table, which Layne Flack finds himself at again. Flack was moved to The Grinder’s table when ESPN decided to spotlight Ivey’s group. But Flack and The Grinder have been knocking heads, so ESPN switched the tables…yet again. Should make good TV.

Speaking of good TV, Crazy Brit Barry Paskin has survived another all in, when his A-T held against A-4. This time, he screamed, “Hallelujah!” and then collapsed on the floor.

It was just announced that 792 players remain. Only 232 till the money. Two of them are “Blue” and his table buddy, this Howard Stern clone.


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