Meet New Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame Inductee: Eric Cloutier

Eric_cloutier It’s been way too long since we’ve inducted someone new into the Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame. Partly this is our fault. But partly it was stupid poker criminals around the world’s fault for not stepping up their game. And let’s face it, partly this is your fault too.

But this one we just couldn’t ignore.

Poker player Eric Cloutier (at right) makes a strong case not just for Hall of Fame induction, but perhaps for its new Chairmen of the Board.

Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control officials arrested Cloutier, of Lafayette, Arkansas Louisiana on 505 counts, including but not limited to tax evasion, fraud and money laundering.

Cloutier, a former hockey player and in no way related to T.J., was charged with laundered as much as $1.4 million through various businesses over a three-years. This total dwarfs his $100,000 or so in poker winnings.

Read more about it here. Revisit some old Stupid Poker Criminals here (wtf kind of a Tournament of Kings shirt is that) and here.

* Photo courtesy of Bluff Magazine.


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  1. dc

    July 8, 2009 4:40 pm, Reply

    officials arrested Cloutier, of Lafayette, Arkansas on 505 counts,

    no such place as Lafayette,Arkansas. There is a Lafayette county. but no city in Arkansas named Lafayette. And i don’t think Eric Cloutier is from Arkansas. Not any hockey down here.

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