Megan Fox Kissing A Girl Makes For A Good Post

When mainstream movies show girls kissing other girls, it’s never as hot as you want it to be. Usually just a half a second peck on the lips and that’s it.

Then there’s the finger diddling, lip locking scene in Bound with Gina Gershon and poker player Jennifer Tilly, a woman.

Unfortunately the below video of Megan Fox kissing Amanda Seyfried in the upcoming film Jennifer’s Body falls in the first category. But half-way through the week at the end of the day and it involves Megan Fox, we’ll take it.



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  1. Adam

    September 21, 2009 12:08 pm, Reply

    For what it’s worth guys, I got hammered and saw this movie over the weekend, and the make out scene while not being Tilly-esque, is more than the proverbial peck on the lips. PLUS she EATS people, how original is THAT shit?!

    • Mark Nemesis1

      August 22, 2011 9:33 pm, Reply

      ur a fucking fagurt u cock lickin ause hole megan fox is fit and we all know that so if u dont like her go an live the shit u thik fuck i should spread the message that adam is gay with his dead grandad cause adam ur a fuckin pussy

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