Melanie Iglesias Flip Book: Part 2 (Video and Photos)

Melanie Iglesias Flipbook 2 Video

The flawlessly hot Melanie Iglesias (right) is back at it again with another Flip Book video, this time sharing the stop-motion spotlight with Lisa Ramos (left).

If the Internet existed solely to broadcast videos of Melanie Iglesias in various stop-motion states of nearly-naked-ness it would still be the greatest invention of modern times. Thankfully though, it also broadcasts porn.

A follow up to her first Melanie Iglesias Flipbook video, which has nearly a million views now, Part 2 has our favorite hot girl in poker who’s no longer in poker donning and un-donning lingerie with her ridiculously cute/hot friend Lisa Remos (follow her on Twitter @LisaaRamos). Lots of kissing, tickling, undressing and playing with blow-up animals action going on. Check out the video here and click through some choice screen grabs below.

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