Melanie Iglesias Flip Book Video + Photos Are The Friday Night Parting Shot

She likes motorcycles, plays poker, has a perfect body, is cool as can be and posts videos of her taking her clothes off. Melanie Iglesias is possibly the most perfect girl in the world.

Reigning Maxim Hometown Hottie of the Year Melanie Iglesias is this week’s Friday Night Parting Shot Girl.

Melanie, who has quickly become a favorite of ours, and not just because (but mainly because) she’s unbelievably hot, recently posted on YouTube a stop motion video of her changing into different outfits, and we took the liberty of stop motioning it even more with some choice screen grabs from the video. Check the pics out below and watch the video here. Then go lie to your girlfriend and tell her there’s no one else you’d rather be with than her.

[nggallery id=”296″]


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