MeLikeChips2009, PokrPrinses, London_G Win Dream Team WSOP Entry

Two women won spots into the WSOP Dream Team Poker event...two...out of, seriously...

Two women won spots into the WSOP Dream Team Poker event...two...out of, seriously...

More than 2,100 turned out last night for the WCP Dream Team Poker WSOP freeroll.

Congratulations to the winners. The WCP team #2 will consist of first place finisher MeLikeChips2009, and in an ironic turn of events, be filled out with PokrPrinses, a woman, and London_G, a woman.

And in an even more ironic turn of events, PokrPrinses (twitter page here) appears very GOTR-worthy.

We’ll be hooking up all three with an entry as our second WCP team. And if any cannot make it, then 4th place finisher angels4sure79 will take their place.

Finally, the first 50 people who go up to the Dream Team Poker booth at the Rio and mention they played in the freeroll will receive a free Dream Team Poker cap. So get on it.

UPDATE: Wait a second. So we’ve gotten some tweets on Twitter explaining that we screwed up above and that MeLikeChips2009 is actually Susan G. (aka @Ziggy_Susan on Twitter) and London_G is London Gallagher, who once competed in a WPT Ladies Night event. Now, we’re still confirming if PokrPrinses is @PokrPrinses (aka Shannon Hartman). Pretty sure it is. If so, then we have an all women team. Seriously. Out of 2111 entrants, the final 3 are all women.

This is a set up right?


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  1. Az DonkeyHerder

    June 26, 2009 1:49 pm, Reply

    Hey WCP…thanks for the free roll, a lot of fun. Any prizes for other high finishers (I finished 10th)? You mentioned some skull candy and items.

  2. Dan

    June 26, 2009 6:57 pm, Reply

    MeLikeChips2009 is Ziggy_Susan on twitter, a women. So if PokrPrinses and London_G are women then it will be an all women team.

    The link to PokrPrinses twitter page is actually a link to Ziggy_Susan (a.k.a. MeLikeChips2009) twitter page.

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