Men “The Master” Nguyen Going For Bracelet #7 in WSOPE Event #2

In our head, at least, this is what Allie Prescott looks like...

In our head, at least, this is what Allie Prescott looks like...

Ok we had this post written last night before play started, and since then, all around good-guy Men “The Master” Nguyen has been eliminated in fourth place in Event #2 (£2,500 Pot Limit Hold’em/Omaha). See, nice guys never win.

If our remedial math skills are correct, that leaves three remaining in Event #2. As of post time, Erik Cajelais is chip leader. Also remaining are Mats Gavatin and Robin Keston.

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Some other news from around London from special correspondent Chris Tessaro of the Hardcore Poker Show:

:: Betfair has graciously backed Brit poker player Paul Zimbler and set him up with his own section at the Empire, as Paul is attempting to play heads-up poker for 80 straight hours to raise money for the Brit version of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Zimbler has been playing all comers, including the likes of Doyle Brunson (who donated 600 pounds cold hard limey cash, or approximately $7 million U.S. American dollars) and Phil Hellmuth. Zimbler has a carefully planned regimen to stay alert (including diet and nutrition), which is different than most Vegas fueled marathon sessions involving meth, coke, etc.

:: We’ve been wrong about her love life before, but rumors abound that Liv Boiree and Allie Prescott are dating. We first got really stoked on this potential hook-up because Allie sounds like a girl’s name and that would’ve been crazy sick hot. Unfortunately, Allie is male. In our imagination, however, she is still female and looks something like Evelyn Kazantzoglou (above and here).

:: Anticipating high stakes action, Empire arranged a private room, dealers, and a cash float of two million pounds. Total amount of high stakes poker played in the aforementioned private room to date? Zero.

:: Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan has a hot blonde girlfriend. See, we told you he wasn’t, well, you know…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Somewhat related, Phil Ivey and durrrr played the largest pot in TV history. [link]

:: Phil Hellmuth planned a big Caesar-like entrance to the Main Event again, but so far London officials have squashed it.


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