Merry Whatever It Is You Celebrate

Santa Christmas, or the more politically correct term, "Holidays," is a time to appreciate those who appreciate you.

It’s also about Jesus, but that doesn’t fit into this post very well.

But since it’s Christmas/Holidays, Wicked Chops Poker would like to thank those who have helped us out over the past year–starting with Complex Slim of WPT and 4th Street fame and Andrew at ESPN’s Poker Club, both who have helped drive a bunch of eyeballs our way. 

To the bloggers that read our site, you all know there’s no better way to bump your daily traffic than an Iggy or Pauly pimp.  And the steady stream we get from Double A’s, Poker Prof, Poker for Peace, Seattle John, CG Pop, and Kick Ass Poker is always appreciated.

And let’s not forget Kid Dynamite, Jen Leo, and the old OddJack for the strong writing and laughs.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating, hope it’s a good one.


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