Miami John Cernuto Has Apparent Heart Attack During Razz Tournament

Miami John Cernuto WSOP

Photo of Miami John Cernuto courtesy of Full Tilt Poker

We know Razz is a pain-in-the-ass to play and can be really stressful, but this just ain’t right.

Miami John Cernuto collapsed during Event #44 ($2,500 Razz) of an apparent heart attack.

According to a Daniel Negreanu tweet:

“Unscheduled break. Miami John just collapsed. Looks like a heart attack.”

According to DanM at Pokerati, it looked like Cernuto was asleep at the table, but then people noticed he wasn’t really breathing, so they rushed him out. He was apparently able to use his cell phone on the way out, so we can only assume he’ll be OK.

Cernuto is still stacked at 21,300. Get full chip counts here.

UPDATE: Photos of the scene here.


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