Michael Binger is Crazy

Michael Binger moves all-in as short-stack on a mixed suit flop of Q-J-8 with A-T for a double-gut straight draw. Cunningham calls with A-Q.

Of course, a King hits on the turn, and Binger doubles up.

While taking a hit, Cunningham still has over 10M.

On the very next hand, Michael Binger calls an all-in from new short-stack Paul Wasicka, who only had 16 big blinds. Binger has A-9. Wasicka has A-J. Wasicka doubles up with trip Aces (better kicker), and Binger goes back down to 2.5M+.

Binger apparently doesn’t handle adrenaline well. A-9 ain’t exactly the nuts, and Wasicka had been playing as tight as Dan Harrington’s colon.


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  1. Austin

    August 10, 2006 6:53 pm, Reply

    heh. You guys are funny. Not the colon line… the deadpanned adrenaline line before that.
    BTW, ballsy of you to call out San Antone as a dumpheap. They have more crazy gun-totin’ yahoos that are fiercly defensive of their dump-heap than any city per capita.

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