Michael Phelps Cashed at Caesars Palace Poker Tournament


Michael Phelps was making the rounds in Las Vegas this weekend.

But instead of solely banging the hundreds of skank groupies that throw themselves at him wherever he goes, he spent much of his time at the poker tables.

Phelps, an avid online poker player, final tabled a $1,570 buy-in event at the Caesars Poker Classic (at Caesars Palace). Phelps banked $5,213 for his efforts.

According to Norm Clarke, Phelps was "letting it be known" that he wants to play in the 2009 World Series of Poker. Only question now is will he be wearing a Stars or FTP cap.

In related news, we’re working on landing a TOKE interview with him right now. Developing…

UPDATE: So Phelps signed some sort of exclusive deal for vid coverage with…Card Player? CARD PLAYER? What a douche move. Who does that? And Card Player hasn’t been relevant for about two years now. Still working on it though…


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