Michael Phelps Likes to Gamble

2009 SI Swimsuit model Lucia Dvorska is a little bit more appealing in a bathing suit than Michael Phelps.

Not unlike his New Year’s Eve party companion Phil Ivey, poker player/Olympian Michael Phelps likes to gamble.

Reports NY Post Page Six:

At the same South Carolina house party where he was snapped sucking on a bong, the Olympics hero lost a pile of money betting in a high-stakes session of the drinking game beer pong, in which players wing pingpong balls into plastic cups. “I saw Phelps pull out a roll, a bank-wrapped $2,000. He said, ‘I’ll match the $2,000,’ ” onlooker Michael Whitworth told the State newspaper. “Good ol’ Phelpsie lost it, too.”

Phelps, come on over here. Let’s talk. You’re a degen. Embrace it. Instead of holding back and just being a poor man’s Gavin Smith, come on over to the dark side and embrace being the Michael Phelps we all know you want to be. Leave the whole “swimming” thing to Aquaman. He’s got it covered. We know you have it in you, Phelpsie. And if you don’t do it for yourself, then do it for the kids. Be a role model. Atta boy.

In related Phelps news, looks like his “people” are trying to keep him as far away from Vegas as possible. Read here


3 Responses

  1. Storm

    February 10, 2009 5:09 pm, Reply

    8 gold medals? Yawn.
    Sucking a bong and degening it up? Hooray!
    Michael Phelps is officially my new hero.
    Who knew people gambled on beer pong? Truly degening it up there Michael. Well Done.

  2. ::justin::

    February 11, 2009 8:28 am, Reply

    seriously? you never knew people gambled on beerpong? what rock do you live under?
    maybe some of us can prop ole phelpsie out of some that gold medal money…

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