Mike Gracz: Police Raid a Waste of Time

GraczIf 2001 was the summer of the shark/Gary Condit, and 2005 was the summer of the hurricane, will 2007 be remembered as the summer of Mike Gracz?

After nearly joining "Temp Hutter Club" status*–an exclusive organization of poker players who were big at the onset of the boom and have faded into obscurity, which is not to be confused with the Davidson Matthew Club, which is an exclusive organization of people with first names for last and last names for first– Gracz reemerged on the scene this year with three 2007 WSOP cashes and two final table appearances (including one televised).

This weekend Gracz made national headlines when he was nabbed in a gambling raid in North Carolina. Now he’s speaking out against the raid and has temporarily made the lead story on AOL.com.

Says Gracz:

"They could go catch sexual predators or something that has a real impact on society. If they had gotten two guys to come there, they could have asked us to leave the premises and we would have left. It is illegal in North Carolina, I understand that. In every state, whether it’s legal or not, people are playing poker."

Yep, he pulled the "sexual predators" card. What’s next? The "You know there’s a war going on in Iraq" card? The "these cops are racist" card? Sure, illegal gambling laws are ridiculous given the prevalence of gambling every minute in every state in the U.S. Americas, but it’s still a law, so it’s going to be enforced.

Read the full story here.

* Other Temp Hutter Club members include Chris Karagulleyan, Tomer Benvisitsi, and Mattias Andersson. Soon-to-be inaugurated members include Tom Sartori and Brad Kondracki. If you have any other nominations, please comment them below or email them to contact@wickedchopspoker.com.

** Photo from John Sciulli, WireImage.com


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  1. Rob

    September 15, 2007 8:49 am, Reply

    Honestly, I think there is a point to that (sex predator card). Sure there are laws, but the laws are to be enforced on a case by case basis. The only real reason to raid was to get the cash. It’s a misdemeanor offense, so clearly it wasn’t for any real criminal action. If a cop overheard me tell my buddy “I bet you the home team wins the game for $1″ Is he going to arrest us? Cause it’s the law.

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