Mike Matusow Doing the Costanza at the 2007 WSOP

Costanzaposing_2You don’t want to watch the Raw Vegas video below. Seriously, you don’t. It’s awful, and we’re actually pretty sure you could sue us for intentional infliction of emotional distress if you do and we don’t need to pay our lawyers any more money. Those shysters are living the good life already thanks to the recent surge of paternity suits being filed against us by villager girls off the coast of New Zealand. Shit, we haven’t even been near there in like 8 or 9 months.

If you do watch the video, let this be fair warning to do so with your eyes closed. Because you see that pic of George Costanza? Well, think that but instead Mike Matusow laying down with his shirt off in the Poker Royalty lounge at the 2007 World Series of Poker. And then throw up in your mouth. And that’s pretty much what you can expect.


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