Mike McDonald Takin’ It to the Streets, Tells Young Poker Players to Stay in School

We wish more kids these days were like Mike McDonald.

Gisele_bundchen_vs_05McDonald–who is not to be confused with Michael McDonald (Takin’ It To The Streets, What a Fool Believes, Sweet Freedom, and I Keep Forgetting which was eventually and legendarily sampled in Warren G’s Regulate…"If I had wings I would fly…")–is a Canadian (eskimo?) who just won $1.4M in the EPT German Open (Gisele Bundchen at right). And for such a young chap, he has some sage advice, warning young poker players to stay in school and not to try to grind it out on the circuit.

"Realistically, there are a lot more failure stories than there are success stories…for the vast majority of people, staying away from poker is probably best."

Waaaiiit a minute. According to everyone we talk to when playing SNG’s on Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, and Bodog, they’re all winning players. Every single one of them. In fact, everyone we play against online tells us they’re either a "big time winning player" before challenging us to a $10 heads-up match, or that over the course of their career, they’re at least "a little ahead." All of them. It’s not even close, man. So we don’t know who McDonald is talking to or what circles he runs in, but it’s clearly not the same ones we crush on a regular basis as we’ve built our collective bankroll to over a billion dollars.

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