Mike Sexton to Take Stand in Support of Leyser

Leysersexton_1Mr. Poker himself, Mike Sexton, is scheduled to testify on behalf of “Don’t Call Me Bruce” Crispin Leyser, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Asked to comment after Tuesday’s hearing in the Leyser v. Gold case, Sexton said 95% of poker players who enter high-stakes tournaments agree to split the pot with others and it’s rarely in writing.

“It’s very common. It happens in every tournament. People have agreements and no one signs.”

According to the article, Sexton said he was concerned about the effect the case might have on poker tournaments.

“This is the premier event in the poker world, so it bothers me. It bothers me because poker has come so far in these past few years.”

Sexton and Leyser know each other from the WPT Boot Camp, where both are trainers and are set to appear together this Sept. 19 at the camp’s next stop in AC at the Borgata.

Other news discussed in the article include:

:: Gold has withdrawn his $6 million from the Rio,

:: Gold has picked up a new attorney, Patrick Byrne,

:: Gold’s flacks are still staying tight-lipped on all matters, and

:: Matthew “Shaggy” Lillard and Dax “Punk’d” Shepard were mentioned in this article, as they have been mentioned in almost every major story on the Leyser-Gold dispute, which has to be the most press these two have had in their careers, for whatever that’s worth.


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