Minneapolis Meehan and 5,000 Stoned Idiots

MinnijimYou could base a reality TV show off of Minneapolis Jim Meehan. Kind of like a poker version of The Osbournes with a bit of a Simon Cowell-American Idol mixed in as an incoherent Meehan berates the stupidity of amateur players at his table. Indeed, someone playing with him today duly noted that they should be filming their table, yet acknowledging that it would have to air on HBO rather than ESPN. Meehan is sitting comfortably at table 57, sometimes slouched back, others perched forward, but regardless of how he’s positioned, always spewing out hilarious comments like a comedian who’s on a two day bender at the neighborhood bar.

After one particular hand with a jovial (in the heavy sense) woman, Meehan couldn’t help but to respond to her comment after she folded to his raise. The lady said, “If only I had a bigger chips stack I’d call.” Meehan retorted, “Chip stacks don’t matter. They’re all idiots here thinking chip stacks matter. That’s why you have 5,000 stoned idiots walking around here. They all think chip stacks matter.”

A few seconds later, after a player mentions the blind schedule tomorrow, Meehan steps in saying, “We’ll all be broke by then. Let’s just tell a few jokes until we’re all out of here.”

While it’s true the others at his table may be gone, Meehan is sitting fine after level 5 with $26,825 and a few packs of Benson & Hedges 100’s in front of him. Despite what he says, Meehan is hungry to do well in the main event. He’s already cashed 4 times at this year’s WSOP, has a gold bracelet from 2003 in the $2,000 NLHE event and has made over a half million at the WSOP since 1999, but Meehan knows the real money can only be made in the main event.


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