More 2011 WSOP Girls on the Rail Photos

The 2011 WSOP Girls on the Rail are kind of like this year's NBA draft--no superstars yet at the top, but a deep, deep class.

We’ll get the full gallery up soon, but for now, here’s the latest Girls on the Rail photodump, highlighted by Todd Brunson’s MILFy wife and Brad Garrett’s hero girlfriend (sort of NSFW).

No final tables today but full play update coming later.

[nggallery ID=”251″]


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  1. Modesty324

    June 8, 2011 8:05 pm, Reply

    Not only does this WSOP seem to have lost its ‘electricity’ – although the numbers are solid there is still this feeling of ‘dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad’ over the whole place. And thi is also evident in the girls on the rail – What a bunch of fucking skanks! Not one hottie yet to jerk off to… Sad. Thanks DOJ.

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