More Good News! SDNY Indicts Celeb Poker Players Involved In Russian Mob Backed Gambling Ring…Oh Wait…

Bolshevik! SDNY can stick glasnost up its задница!*

For fuck’s sake already.

Because poker hasn’t had enough black eyes the past few years, SDNY has decided to pile on more fun for everyone. On Tuesday, two years and a day after Why’s-It-Gotta-Be-Black-Friday, the Fed unsealed a 27-count indictment against a total of 34 people, including  Justin Smith, Abe Mosseri, Vadim Trincher, as well as Bill Edler and Peter ‘Nordberg’ Feldman.

Nordberg and Edler?! [shaking head]

The indictment charges them with operating an illegal sports betting and poker syndicate tied to Russian organized crime.

According to BLUFF:

The indictment alleges that the gambling syndicate operated under the protection of Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, a powerful member of the Russian organized crime underworld who is already under indictment for his alleged involvement in bribing officials at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Tokhtakhounov is believed to be a “Vor” – the Eastern European equivalent of an Italian godfather.

Sooooooo…let’s just file this under “Bad for Poker” and move on.

Read more about it in F-Train’s BLUFF article (he crushes everyone else’s reporting on this) here.

Read the indictment in full here.

* Russian for “ass”


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